Balance Statement

District Number:  0124891   District Name:  ALLIANCE RENEE AND MEYER LUSKIN ACADEMY HIGH
District Award   Current Balance Summary
Total District Award: $17,216.01   Total Current Balance: $0.00
District Award GPV: $8,689.23   Total Current GPV: $0.00
District Award SV: $8,526.78   Total Current SV: $0.00
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GPV = General Purpose Voucher
SV = Software Voucher
DateActionGPV ActivityGPV BalanceSV ActivitySV Balance
8/24/2014Beginning Balance$0.00$0.00$0.00$0.00
8/25/2014Increase Allocation: Dist 1 $7,825.48$7,825.48$7,716.96$7,716.96
1/27/2015Increase Allocation: Dist 1 $226.89$8,052.37$223.83$7,940.79
3/12/2016Void Voucher$0.00$0.00$5,115.51$0.00
11/20/2016Increase Allocation: Dist 2 $636.86$636.86$585.99$585.99
6/19/2019Void Voucher$0.00$0.00$350.01$0.00
10/18/2021Current Balance $0.00 $0.00